How to cite people in a research paper

In the body of your paper they are cited as

(Interview, 3/9/03) or (Survey, 3/9/03), after quoting them by fictitious name, for example,

  • "Mary (all names have been changed) said that a car costs $75." (Interview, 3/9/03) or
  • Sixty percent of the children thought that a car costs less than $1000." (Survey, 3/9/03)

You only need to say that you are using pseudonyms once at the beginning of the paper.

In the bibliography, cite it like this:

  • Interview with Mary (not her real name), Elm Street Elementary, Naples, Fl., 3/9/03.
  • Survey of Ms. Jackson's 5th Grade Class at Elm St. Elementary, Naples, Fl. 3/9/03.

Repeat in the body of the paper as needed for other people, but you will only need to cite the survey and each interview once in the bibliography.